Handcrafted, Mexican tiles are an extraordinary way to introduce a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere into our home. Despite associating ceramic tiles with bathroom or kitchen renovation, they are an extraordinary material for the exteriors as well. Have a look at some of our ideas and tips for decorating with Mexican tiles for the garden. Our decorative wall tiles, complex tile murals, and sophisticated high relief tiles can all brighten and enliven your outdoors in innumerable ways from embellishing your front door to separating areas in your garden with cleverly designed tiled paths and decorating stair risers or swimming pool. Keep reading if you want to discover the best way to benefit from our Mexican tiles.

Installing Mexican tiles for garden adorns outdoor living areas with vivid hues, unusual designs, and unconventional textures. At the same time, it guarantees durability and waterproof protection which is fundamental for gardens but also for uncovered patios, verandas and balconies. The Mexican ceramic tiles made out of sustainable, local products are an excellent combination of functionality and unrefined, rustic beauty. Who would not like to add some multicolored, clay-based tiles while updating their garden? With our online store, it is so easy to become an interior designer or artist that creates his/her own backyard landscape. The outdoors that is inspired by sunny and ethnically rich Mexico must include handmade materials and furniture. Therefore our Mexican glazed tiles are a great fit for bringing a smoothing and joyful atmosphere. You can look for your perfect tile by selecting color schemes, designs hand-painted on the tile, or by type of the tile such as wall tiles, tile murals, border, trim tiles etc. With our smart sub-menus, the process will be effortless and quick despite the fact that we have thousands of Talavera tiles models.

Which can be the purpose for your Mexican tiles for the garden? Our ceramic Mexican tiles can be installed almost anywhere outside with an exception of climates with freezing temperatures. In that case, you still can use the glazed tile but in the areas that are sheltered. You should take into account that our tiles are still waterproof but just not frost-resistant. The most popular use of traditional and colorful tiles is to decorate the risers of the stairs that lead from the house into the outdoors and to embellish the front door or porch with some vivid and welcoming tile accents. For the homeowner who would like to create a dramatic statement in their garden, we would recommend designing strikingly beautiful mosaic work for each area of your patio or garden. You can use distinct hues and patterns of Mexican tiles to separate areas such as dining from the cooking spot with a barbecue grill and pizza oven. Hand-painted tiles can protect as well as adorn the walls and counters of your outdoor kitchen. It makes the cleaning easier and quicker when you have a supreme finishing touch that includes surface tiles and Mexican trim tiles for borders. Create your garden sanctuary by simply adding one of our excellent Mexican tiles for garden designs.