An undersized guest bathroom or spacious master bath, any room can liven up with our hand-made bathroom sinks from Mexico, created in any shape and size. We produce those ceramic masterpieces in the cradle of Mexican ceramic craft, Dolores Hidalgo, and we ship them worldwide for many decades to thousands of delighted customers. Whether you are planning a slight remodeling or replacing the entire setup, upgrade your bathroom with Mexican sinks and matching decorative Talavera tiles. They will boost the rustic and folkloric feel and can become a mutlicolored accent for your all-white washroom needs.

mexican decorative ceramic tiles

Ceramic sinks painted in Talavera ceramic style embrace art and functionality at the same time. You can order your washbasin according to your vanity needs and measurements. It can be installed as drop-in or undermount as well as over the counter, in case of the ceramic vessels sinks. The homeowner should check with the constructor or interior designer which type of Mexican sink will be suitable for the bathroom counter. Once this is confirmed, you can move on to the most amusing part which is choosing the most alluring and convenient design. Inspired by Mexican architecture where all designing elements are personalized according to the owner’s style, our hand-made ceramic products boost a unique feel with millions of patterns and color palettes, suitable for any decor setup. The right choice will without a doubt upgrade any bathroom with Mexican sinks. As for the sinks’ design have a look at our collection of round, rectangular, and Mexican vessel sinks. You will be able to find washbasin inspired by Mexican rich, pre-Columbian culture, flowery Spanish pattern,s or complex Arabesque designs appropriated from Maroccan ceramic heritage.

Our decorative Mexican sink can embellish any bathroom layout. If you are afraid of vivid and multicolored patterns and you prefer something more toned down, consider classic Talavera models in cobalt blue and white. This hue combination is so versatile that can fit in any bathroom environment. We can imagine them in old-world or Colonial bathrooms but they are suitable for transitional ambiances and modern beach houses as well. We design many subtle and delicate patterns for those who want their new Mexican sink to become a finishing touch to an existing and coherent design. If you desire your ceramic Talavera sink to become a bold statement, just choose some of the jazzy and cheerful models. To make your bathroom remodeling even easier, ceramic Mexican sinks designs are often based on existing Mexican tile patterns that are also offered on our Web page. It makes it possible to decorate the whole bathroom with a single design.