Adding color to floors, counters, and walls that pops is a unique way to make any room’s décor interesting. In the case of a bathroom, which is traditionally the most monochromatic space (usually white), it will help to create contrast and depth, draw attention to the areas you want to and just add a little bit of enjoyment to the overall setting. Turn an ordinary, all-white room into a cheerful and bright bathroom with Mexican wall tiles. It is super quick and easy, and the result will give you a durable surface that, most importantly, will protect your walls from getting wet and dirty. It is a win-win situation! Decorating with handmade wall tiles can change the bathroom ambience after a day of work.

Make your home interior vibrant and interesting with any of our handmade Mexican tiles. Get your inspiration by reading our weekly posts and scrolling around broad collections of traditional Talavera tiles, solid-color tiles, large tile murals, and high-relief tiles. While preparing a renovation project for your bathroom, consider using vibrant colors. Even a slight color accent can make a significant difference. The concept of a vivid, bright bathroom with Mexican wall tiles does not imply that the room must be overwhelmed with hues and contradictory patterns, even though we can find this decorating approach in many public and private Mexican décors.  Bathrooms are relatively small. They can feel confining. If you have a lot of different colors in your bathroom, that can make space feel even more cluttered.  The solution is to pick one or two models of our handcrafted Mexican tiles. They might be matching in a similar color-scheme or the same pattern. Enliven the room with a chosen Talavera tiles by decorating with them one wall or just a shower area. You might use border tiles to separate two textures such as ceramic tiles and cement walls for instance. High-relief tiles with a striking look and bidimensional surface are also remarkable as accent tiles that can be tiled on the wall and bathroom counters or even trimming a window. As for the rest of the layout, clear up the room with a light tone like whites, creams, and pastels. It will help you to prevent your bathroom to feel too messy or too crowded. It also means the Mexican wall tiles you do use will really pop.

Just like with a neutral color palette, simplifying the fixtures and furniture in your bathroom lets accent colors shine. That means keeping our bathroom vanity as minimalist as possible as well as the lighting fixtures and mirror frames. Having both, detailed, colorful Mexican tiles and complex designs in quite a small room can create chaos.  Consider opting for pieces of furniture with sleek, clear lines that bring a feeling of calm, and cleanness. Also, you can see that most of the Talavera tile designs are quite neutral, using two-color combinations and with particular- blues and whites. Therefore, a bright bathroom with Mexican wall tiles can, without a doubt, set a cheerful tone that can still feel cozy and elegant.