Beautiful and complex design and perfect execution makes our Talavera sink a focal point of any bathroom. If you are looking for a bath vanity that brings an old-world vibe to your new or remodelled bathroom, Mexican ceramic sinks can help you achieve the desired look, being a unique but functional work of art. Despite a vintage feel, those extraordinary washbasins fit in any décor from rustic, transitional to contemporary. Have a look at our extended collection of oval and round Talavera sinks to upgrade your master bath or powder room.

Being able to offer so many bathroom sinks’ models, we can definitely help you in choosing a sink that is comfortable to use and pairs with the style of your bathroom. A bathroom vanity is one of the most important bathroom features that can improve or destroy the harmony in your bathroom’s décor. However, sometimes what a designer wants to achieve is to create a strong accent or contrast. In that case, Mexican ceramic sinks with vivid prints can help you achieve that quickly and effortlessly. Ceramic sinks which include unusual, attractive patterns on them are a spectacular way to personalize your interiors and enhance your favorite interior decorating theme. Imagine an all-white Master bath that needs some bright and energetic accents. A bright and varicolored Southern design made by Mexican artisans would add warmth and joy to that monochromatic space. Our round and oval Talaver bathroom sinks as well as Talavera tiles are inspired by Mexican, vibrant culture and will make you appreciate one-of-a-kind appliances. As a supplier of both, washbasins as well as tiles, we offer those products in similar designs. Therefore you can easily pair wall and counter tiles with your chosen ceramic sink. Each sink is handmade and painted by the local artisan who uses centuries-old techniques. That means that there might be some slight variations in hues or shapes of our Mexican ceramic sinks. A unique concept, our decorative, bathroom sinks endorse emblematic landscapes, Colonial cities and the singular art of Mexico.

For those of you who seek simplicity in your new handmade sink, many of our products are elaborated with petite details inside the walls of the basin over a white background. Others are only painted using two colors, especially the classic pair of white and blue Talavera print which is ideal for bathrooms. We are sure that anyone can find the right fit in our store. Bathroom, hand-painted sinks bring unique style into your home and brighten up interior design with color. Whether you are thinking of bathroom remodelling and decorating in vintage style, creating country home bathroom design or contemporary bathroom design, you can find the perfect bathroom sink with a lovely pattern that suits your bathroom project.