Adding the white and blue kitchen tiles color scheme in your household is both easy and effortless. The task is obviously pretty simple if you already have a pristine, all-white backdrop along with decor that is largely neutral in color. Choosing your kitchen décor will also be effortless, after all, besides white, blue is probably one of the most popular kitchen colors. Whether you want to add a subtle accent or border tiles or boost a Southern character in every corner of your kitchen, this power couple will convey the feeling of calm and elegance.

There are plenty of advantages to going with blue and white. To name just a few, the combination works with pretty much any design theme or style that you might imagine. Therefore if you are planning a makeover in existing kitchen settings, white and blue kitchen tiles are extremely beneficial. It is a cheerful yet soothing combo that apparently is on-trend every season and all the times. Mexican Talavera patterns are especially helpful if your home remodelling project includes such color combination because it is traditionally the most popular hues among nowadays varicolored and intensive designs. Back in the early days of Mexican Talavera ceramics, white and blue tiles were even a sign of wealth and social status due to the high costs of cobalt blue pigment. For that reason, most influential buildings and private residences in Mexico City had been decorated with this durable and timeless material. Also, many centuries before, In China, cobalt was the chosen pigment for the iconic blue and white porcelain patterns that emerged in the region, recognized in the art of Feng Shui as the color that emanates abundance. In modern interior design, white and blue settings are especially suitable for a beach house or for a home whose decor is created the way it transports us into a relaxing, summerish coastal atmosphere. In case you are afraid of introducing too many colors that can overwhelm the overall look of your kitchen, white and blue kitchen tiles add color without feeling too in-your-face.

Used in proportions, this color duo brings a calm and soothing feel, however, if you, on the contrary, want to create a bold statement with your hand-painted Mexican tiles, mixing types of tiles and patterns will help you achieve that. Just have a look at the picture above. This kitchen showcases a transition between a rustic and Moroccan style where white and blue tile backsplash is the first area that draws our attention. The kitchen counters are also decorated with Mexican Talavera tiles in a solid, dark blue color. Even though the designer used just two colors, this kitchen does not feel dull or one-dimensional at all. Check our Web page for the broad collection of kitchen tile murals, wall tiles and high relief tiles to complement your dream kitchen.