Bring Mediterranean glamour into your interiors with some effortless and gorgeous ideas for the Spanish style bathroom. Earthly materials, Colonial heritage and influences of different architectural styles are the main characteristics of this eclectic design that is calls for varicolored patterns, handmade Talavera tiles, all set in natural environments. After all, when we think about Spain, the first thing that comes to mind is its remarkable views on sunny coasts and green mountains. With our stunning, handcrafted Spanish tiles, you might transform dull four walls into an exuberant and relaxing getaway. You will not want to get out of your lovely bath after this simple transformation!

A tile is an indispensable element in the Spanish style bathroom. The more, the better. You can hardly ever find a bathroom with painted walls or carpets on the floor in Spanish households. No wonder that the most acknowledged ceramic hub was once in the Spanish city of Talavera de la Reina. This artistic craftsmanship was then spread around the world in the times of the colonisation of the Americas. Nowadays, using handmade tiles made of red clay adds a dose of traditional charm to modern and transitional settings. Decorating with Spanish Talavera tiles will be for sure the most satisfying part of your renovation. The broad range of alluring patterns and color combinations of our decorative tiles give you endless designing opportunities. The Spanish style bathroom enhances creating joyful patchwork designs therefore you can mix and match textures and colors with total freedom

The Spanish style bathroom is an invite for an artistic approach towards your everyday bathroom fixtures. You can find the most unique and stylish ceramic sinks as drop-in or vessel and make them the focal point of your décor. Use a neutral palette for the walls but a vivid and intense tile sink design to create a wonderful contrast. If you only need to renovate one area of your bathroom rather then doing it from scratch and you do not want to change your existing appliances, create a statement with our handcrafted wall and counters tile. Emphasize the Mediterranean feel by adding accent tiles in cobalt blue and Canary yellow that will bring a fresh breeze of the coastal atmosphere. You might choose just one of the bathroom’s walls (behind the bathtub or vanity) or just the shower area. This interesting pop of color will enliven the whole space but without overwhelming the whole with too many hues and patterns. For the bravest of our customers, we offer Talavera toilet sets that can be paired with wall tiles and a sink. Talavera tiles everywhere is not a concept for everyone but if you want to create a unique powder room that catches the attention of all guests, that’s an original way to achieve it.