Your business space does not really have to serve tacos and enchiladas to embrace a joyful, vivid, and energetic feel of Mexican decor. If what you want to achieve is to create a space where your customer will be delighted not only with the food but also with unique settings, consider Mexican tiles ideas for your restaurant. From embellishing the front stairs and an arch around the door to interior walls, counters, and even tabletops, including Mexican Talavera tiles to your decor will, without any doubt, distinguish any cafe bar or dinner.

Experiencing a very competitive market where every day a new eating place is being opened, the business owners must pay attention to every detail that might set them apart from the rest of the places. Sometimes the exquisite cuisine is not enough to attract new clients, but the right atmosphere and décor, on the other hand, can be your best ally, especially in the era of Instagram and other visual social media. It is when the arts and crafts of Mexico come in handy. Anyone who visited this wonderful country has fallen in love with its Colonial architecture, pre-Hispanic ruins, modern art with especial reference to the mural paintings. There are so many aspects of Mexican culture and landscapes that can inspire a truly Southern décor. However, very few things will do it more effectively than handmade, ceramic tiles and other ceramic accessories like plates, flower planters and decorative masks. Mexican tiles ideas for your restaurant can include embellishing the entrance of your venue with outdoors, dining room, bathroom and patio or terrace. Within the broad collection of our Mexican decorative tiles, you will be able to create a perfect color and pattern combination to offer unforgettable moments at your diner.

Think about the hues that can stimulate the appetite and convey a welcoming atmosphere. The good news is that the traditional Talavera designs bring positive emotions of the lovely and cheerful fiesta that include a lot of food and relaxing drinks. To achieve that goal choose rich colors like deep blue, golden yellow and lush green as accents in your restaurants. Remember to opt for three main hues that will repeat in all areas of your venue with some occasional accent pop of different tones to create layers and contrasts. To start, the floors might be decorated with classic and neutral terracotta tiles, but you can enliven the walls with some stunning, intricate designs of high relief tiles as accents. Create a grand staircase by installing solid color tiles as stair treads while the risers can be decorated with decorative Talavera tiles. Consider adding ceramic Talavera sinks for a designer bathroom to finish a cohesive look.