One of the most entertaining and remarkable things about Mexican Talavera tile is all the designing solutions they are offering. The interior designers and homeowners can play with their hues, patterns and even texture (high relief tiles are bidimensional and floor Mexican tile are flat). With thousands of models, patchwork Mexican tiles ideas seem endless but we are here to help you with some general recommendations.

First of all, if your renovation project includes solid color tiles, you can also find them on our web page. However, adding handmade Mexican tiles is all about a burst of vivid, cheerful tones that will enliven any room. From counters and walls in a kitchen, bathroom shower walls to stair risers at the entrance or fireplace or fountain’s spot in your garden, creating alluring patchwork Mexican tiles combinations is going to be your most satisfying work. Our company offers two options as far as the Talavera tiles sets. For those who do not have time to choose the designs one by one, we have exciting solutions- a Mexican tiles mix that is thoroughly prepared by our ceramic artisans and include 100 different tiles. We have four main themes for those patchwork Mexican mixes that range from folkloric such as Mexico fauna and flora, traditional Talavera tiles that include many stylish mosaic patterns to a very unique Mexican Celestail mix with pre-Columbin symbols of the sun and moon from the Aztec calendar. This option is very convenient for substantial makeovers in private residencies and also for businesses such as Colonial-style hotels, Mexican restaurants and bars. Our handcrafted tiles can have so much application from decorating a backsplash in the bar area or counters to embellishing tabletops and the patio area.

The second scenario as far as the Patwchork Mexican tiles ideas, is to pick your combination and create one-of-a-kind sets. In that case, you might go for similar color hues or related style. It is, of course, much more time-consuming but we can imagine many clients will feel real satisfaction in building their own sets that convey their taste. Try mixing plain color tiles with rich and intense designs that were inspired by various cultures from Mediterranean Spain and Portugal or Marocco to local, Mexican art. You can also find ceramic tiles for more specific projects such as border and trim tiles, floor tiles and kitchen tile murals. Try adding them to your tasteful and creative Mexican fusion.