We understand that an average homeowner does not know the difference between floor tile and trim tiles. However, tiling projects are one of the easiest ones and probably the most satisfying as they will enliven and refresh any space that seems flat or monotonous. Mexican, ceramic tiles can have numerous applications from the most evident to cover walls and floors to much more surprising and striking like decorating kitchen shelves or dining tabletop. With the broad range of Mexican border tiles for the kitchen, your home will gain a unique style that can set the ambience for the rest of the interior design.

Mexican border tiles

Mexican border tiles for the kitchen are the perfect way to finish off a tiling job. They help to tie the room together and blend harmoniously two or more colours or styles of tile. We have a great selection of borders to choose from; from traditional white and blue Talavera models to decorative and intricate mosaic borders. If your idea is to create an interest in your kitchen walls and floor, the trim tiles will be your best allies. Imagine a tiled kitchen backsplash made out of plain color tiles. They will protect the surface while adding captivating texture but the general look might be too flat. In that case, Mexican border tiles are of great value. It is a smart approach if you want to incorporate a decorative element without overwhelming your space. Just like in the photo above, you can adorn the top and bottom part of the tiled area or as opposite install an accent string of tiles through the middle of the backsplash. Create an interesting visual effect by mixing various types of tiles. The border tiles are narrower than the normal tile square and that difference stimulates the design.

The Mexican, hand-painted tiles are known for their stunning color mixture that uses vivid, intense hues such as cobalt blue, reddish terracotta, Canarian yellow. That is why Mexican border tiles can be used as a pop of color in a monochromatic kitchen on both walls and floors. As for the kitchen floor, the choice is usually contrasting. Find some different tiles in various colors and with cool patterns and make a border with them. If the floor is black, use white borders and on the contrary. You can also choose plain Mexican border tiles in one of the colors that is featured on the floor tiles to give a sense of frame or edge. By this, you can separate various areas for instance the cooing area from the dining space.