One of the most astonishing features of Talavera Mexican tiles is their supreme blend of styles and cultures, from Moroccan Arabesque, Spanish Colonial to ethnic designs from Mexico. The geometry and unique repetition of forms come from the Islamic heritage that Arab rule left as a legacy in Spain. That is why many of our designs include geometric ceramic tiles that are one of the most versatile ways of creating statement décor in any space.

Bold and eye-catching, geometric tiles are very resourceful as offered in many different variations and shapes. They enable endless design possibilities to make a striking design in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and for many more applications. Geometric shapes include squares, rectangles, triangles, polygons, hexagons, diamonds, and pyramids. However, our geometric ceramic tiles can also include floral and mesh-alike patterns by including the traditional Spanish style with Moorish Arabesque. That is why you can find a very simple pattern made of two triangles hand-painted in two colors just like in the case of Mexican tile “Cardenas”, but we also offer more complex options like the Mexican high-relief tile “Blue Star”. This bidimensional tile features a star shape made of various triangles and with a noticeable red dot in the center. Even though the source of the geometric, ceramic tiles dates to the Islamic rule on the Iberian Peninsula, their application can result as very modern and fresh. Many contemporary designs are based on geometrical abstraction that became very popular at the beginning of the XX century first around artists like Wassily Kandinsky, and then in the interior design as well.

Geometric tiles are suitable for a wide range of interior design projects, and you can use them to add a creative flair, texture, and pattern to your kitchen, bathroom, lobby, or dining room. Adding Mexican decorative tiles and high relief tiles is an extraordinary way of creating statement walls and floors. Their enjoyable look makes our handcrafted tiles very fashionable among not only homeowners but businesses as well. Chic and hipster bars, restaurants, and cafes choose geometric, colorful tiles over solid color tiles for decorating floors and counters because it usually adds a lot of creativity and “Instagrammable” feel to their interiors. Additionally, if you are a retro aficionado, you should also consider adding some geometric shapes to your interior design. It helps to warm up the sleek and sometimes “cold” contemporary designs and bring some pop of color as well.