Choosing the right ceramic, Mexican tiles can be real fun, but it can also get quite challenging because there are thousands of tile models and endless application options. We hope that with our blog we make this task a little bit less overwhelming for you. Now, apart from the main floor or wall tiles, homeowners should also remember about finishing pieces that will turn their space from ordinary to a showstopper. Usually, it is the details that make the difference for a supreme, designing setup. The whole range of handmade trim tiles allows you to add a stunning finishing touch to any tiling renovation. From most popular bullnose or V-cups tiles to those for more specific cases like cove base tiles or pencil trim tiles, they are designed to make the transition smoother and to finish the edges with fashion.

pencil trim tiles

Pencil trim tiles are stunning and functional options to frame an area that was decorated with our Talavera ceramic tiles. You probably are wondering how they look like and in which circumstances they are your best choice for tile applications. Our pencil liners are thin and raised pieces of ceramic that without a doubt will a decorative look and stylish contrast if used with Mexican Talavera tiles of a different hue. Square tiles and our trim tiles are made of the same material (red Mexican clay) and with the same finishing that adds a rustic, old-world feel. Therefore, pencil trim tiles will complement effortlessly our multicolored tiles applied over kitchen or bathroom walls, counters, and backsplashes. Moreover, they offer a seamless progression from one texture to another, for instance from tile to exposed wall. The transition can also be between one shape tile to another (you can tile vertically and then horizontally for unique visual effect). Another exceptional application for this type of trim tiles is to use them to frame statement pieces such as kitchen mural tiles or decorative murals installed at the main shower wall. Using pencil trim tiles between a mural and other tile designs creates noticeable separation because those trim tiles present a high-relief surface.

Our pencil trim tiles are offered in 9 classic Talavera colors ranging from the most common- white or terracotta tiles to three shades of blue (dark, light, and cobalt), brown or green. Being able to elaborate products with the same hues will make your remodeling projects so much easier and faster. Consider as well discovering our ceramic, bathroom sinks that can be matched with many tile models. Decorating with Mexican Talavera tiles is going to be your favorite part of the renovation, believe us! As a matter of fact, right now we have a special offer of green pencil liners sold in a lot of 12 units. Please have a look at our “Mexican Tiles Sale” page to discover all the opportunities.