There are endless ways to add a pop of colors to your kitchen. You can choose a unique hue for your cabinets or install fancy pending lamps. However, one of the easiest and most beautiful approaches is to opt for colorful, handmade tiles. Recently, the blue and yellow scheme is rising in popularity among interior designers and homeowners. They are both bold and bright colors that will make your kitchen setup stand out. Our collection of Mexican Tile Designs and Mexican Tile Murals include many blue and yellow Talavera tiles for the kitchens that will help you to create a cheerful and fresh appeal.

Decorative, Mexican tiles are acknowledged for being especially varicolored and joyful. Traditionally, they were painted with only a few natural pigments with cobalt blue being the most exclusive. Nowadays, we combine classical craft with new and modern designs. Therefore, the range of patterns is impressive, from abstract and geometrical like “Fresnillo” model to complex and Arabesque mosaic-alike patterns inspired by Moroccan and Spanish styles. On one hand, you can find vivid hues for blue and yellow Talavera tiles for example in the case of Mexican tile “Sonora”. On the other, if you are looking to add color without too much drama, opt for washed tones like in “Torreon” pattern. Why would you opt for blue and yellow Talavera tiles for your kitchen? This stunning mix complements gracefully with both white and black furnishings. If you want to create a modern ambiance, think of grey shades for cabinets and then a blue and yellow backsplash for a catchy touch. Add some funky, yellow stools and other kitchenware in similar tones for a finished composition. You can also use the entire wall to create a colorful accent. For that, we would recommend you use solid color tiles in blue or yellow and then add some Mexican, border tiles to separate the tiled area from the rest of the wall.

Another reason why to use this bright pair is that yellow adds light and blue brings tranquillity and relaxation. It seems like a perfect combination. If your kitchen is lacking natural light sources, our yellow, ceramic tiles will liven up that space with a Mexican coast feel. The blue hue will make the kitchen the heart of the house where you will not only cook but also chill out with a glass of wine, surrounded by stunning and one-of-a-kind décor. Additionally, consider choosing one of our Mexican, ceramic sinks that will match the rustic style of our blue and yellow Talavera tiles for kitchens.