Looking for a trendy but at some time timeless look for your new bathroom? Perhaps you want to make a small change in your existing one, but you do not know where to start. There is no other color combination that gets on well with each other like blue and white and no easiest way to incorporate them as decorating with white and blue Mexican tiles. The Mexican blue and white tiles for the bathroom add appealing texture and a delicate pop of color without being too flashy or too distracting. You can create a unique, sophisticated, and very soothing ambience with our Mexican wall tiles, high-relief tiles and border tiles in the most classic style, cobalt blue and white. Trust us! Your bathroom will not look flat or dull at all. Just follow some simple rules and you achieve an instant bathroom revamp.

The two most obvious spaces for tile application in any style home are kitchens and bathrooms. Today we want to focus on how to upgrade your bathroom by solely changing or adding hand-painted, ceramic tiles to the key areas of the room. Our Mexican blue and white tiles can be tiled on any surface and they look beautiful placed against wood, stone and in general natural, rustic materials. They withstand humid ambiences, hot and cold atmosphere (however they are just not antifrost). Use your Mexican blue and white tiles to create accents or to decorate a whole area (for instance shower). It is a very subtle color choice so it will never overwhelm the overall look of your rooms. You can decorate a bathroom counter with one pattern and the floor with a different one. We offer thousands of designs in Talavera blue and white. The tiles can also be complemented with Mexican, ceramic sinks you can find on our Web page. Consider as well an original, blue-color toilet set that includes seat and ceramic accessories.

If you wondering what kind of style matches our Mexican, decorative tiles, the good news they are suitable in many settings that need warm and bright accents. Their rustic beauty integrates with Spanish and Hacienda styles. It can also work as a contrast in very modern décor. You can use blue and white patterns to decorate the main wall and then add some contrast by applying colorful and vivid accent tiles. They can help you add a cheerful feel and also create a clear separation between different areas such as the shower and the vanity zone. Moreover, Mexican border tiles can help you to frame the window space or mirror. Independently if you will go full on Mexican vibe o you just want to introduce some dash of Southern appeal, Mexican blue and white tiles for the bathroom brings such a timeless look that will never go out of style.