Apart from stunning beaches, pre-Columbian heritage, delicious cuisine, Mexico has also been acknowledged for its art and crafts and especially stunning and unique ceramic products. Handmade, Mexican tiles are one of the most popular elements of local architecture and interior designing and they are living their revival all around the globe. As Talavera tiles online distributor we want to promote the best ceramic solutions for any remodelling projects from the smallest DIY to substantial revamping in kitchens, bathrooms, gardens and patios. Because the most essential characteristic of our Talavera tiles is that they are very easy to install and they add a striking look wherever you add them.

Mexican Talavera tiles are a powerful and surprising decorative tile accent for homes, apartments and businesses, both in the interiors and outdoors. It is a very affordable way for astonishing makeovers in kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, and patios. Our online community consists of an online shop and blog that includes many useful recommendations and pieces of advice on handcrafted, ceramic products elaborated in the most authentic, artisan way. As Talavera tiles online distributor we not only sell wall, floor tiles, border or trim tiles, tile murals and high-relief tiles but we try to share all of our knowledge on how to take advantage of the beauty and versatility of Talavera tiles. Each week we upload a new post that will help our clients and readers in creating the most authentic Southern or Hacienda style that will bring warmth and joy to any interior design. There are endless ways of how to apply our decorative Talavera tiles that can become the main theme of your layout or can serve as a striking contrast to modern and minimalist ambiences. Create surprising designs by mixing diverse patterns and colors of our Mexican wall tiles. You can match solid color tiles with decorative and varicolored border tiles to finish your design with style and add a feeling of compilation to the overall look of the tiled area.

The hand-painted tiles can also serve as original and bright addition in more monochromatic layouts. You can use them to decorate a tabletop, a tray, flower planters, all of which can be achieved by using entire tiles or broken Talavera tiles. Creating mosaic tiles projects is such a fun and effortless thing to do. If you are a DIY admirer and you happen to love Mexican art, keep your Talavera tiles that have broken by accident and create your mosaic art afterwards. Not only are we Talavera tiles online distributor, but our workshop is actually based in Mexico and all designs are made by experienced local artisans. Every little tile square is the result of priceless work and century old-tradition.