Mexican people love spending time outside so much that they have integrated a small courtyard located in the heart of the house as an essential part of their architecture. Perhaps some cannot afford a large garden but at least they can enjoy their family and friends gathering on a patio, small terrace or balcony. As long as there are vivid colors, good music, delicious food and some fresh breeze, any Mexican fiesta will be a success, Therefore, if you are looking for an expert inspiration on creating fun and cheerful outdoor spaces, you should definitely get to know the Mexican style outdoors with Talavera Tiles.

6x6 mexican tile

English or French gardens are all about sophistication and structure. Meanwhile, a Mexican theme garden is centered on socializing. Southern culture prioritizes building a warm, welcoming atmosphere rather than aesthetic superiority. Therefore, Mexican style outdoors can be quite relaxed or even rudimentary as far as it has a dining and barbecue area and of course, an element of water (whether it is a swimming pool or a small water fountain). The main purpose of this space is to provide a place for people to relax, dine and spend time with others. Mexican garden design is influenced by Spanish Colonial, Moroccan, and Moorish architecture and style. The most notable characteristic is the vibrant color scheme that can be easily introduced by decorating selected areas with Mexican Talavera tiles. Plants, pottery and other outdoor ceramic decorations will gracefully complement this look. Another ceramic beauty that will fit and is sold on our web page is a decorative, ceramic sink. It can be installed in the cooking area of your exteriors, close to your grill or pizza oven. The ability to cook outdoors is essential to a Mexican courtyard. Food is often prepared in a traditional chimney, or you can install a modern barbecue decorated with Talavera tiles.

Replicate beautifully intensive colors of the Southern ambience with handmade, diverse Mexican tiles that are bursting with sunny yellows, bright blues, and warm terracotta reds. There are endless ways of how to apply our ceramic, Talavera tiles. They can embellish walls and floors. You can create a focal point by choosing two, different patterns for instance solid color tiles mixed with fancy and colorful designs. Setting up Mexican style outdoors with hand-crafted Talavera Tiles can also include adding high relief tiles on the risers of the stairs. It creates an interesting visual effect and can be a unique transition from the exteriors into rustic and Colonial interiors.