The kitchen as the heart of our homes needs special consideration while renovating. One of the most wonderful and at the same time quick ways of upgrading your kitchen décor is to add some splashes of color and textures with Mexican kitchen tile murals. The food preparation and cooking will never be tedious and boring once you can have a view of your newly decorated kitchen backsplash. You may think that remodelling a kitchen may be complicated and costly. The reality is that with our broad collection of Mexican Talavera tiles for all the occasions and surfaces, it is going to be a lot of fun and the result will have a huge visual impact on the overall décor. Painted tile murals for kitchen backsplash will not only protect the area of food prep and washing the dishes but first of all will give your kitchen walls personality and signature style.

rooster ceramic tile mural

Explore our online store for suitable, decorating ideas for your home. Each week we publish a new post on how to make the most out of our stunning, ceramic products elaborated by authentic Mexican artisans. From solid color tiles, narrower, border tiles, or striking high relief tiles, there are endless ways to embellish the most suffered part of your kitchen. However, you will never find a more distinctive look than adding painted tile murals that resemble a work of a painter. We have thousands of murals on sale right now whose main theme is Mexico-inspired landscapes, nature, people, and animals. The customer may also find many picturesque paintings presenting a bucolic, village life with lovely Southern flair. Therefore, it can also work if you love Spanish or French Provance style. One of our rustic, hand-made tile murals can make an interesting contrast in modern settings. Many contemporary kitchens lack color. If you want to enliven your sleek and all-white spaces choose one of our tile murals models that will create an even more powerful effect as set against a monochromatic layout. You can expect a vintage appeal with modern or traditional designs that will make your space stand out. Additionally, if you are dreaming about a custom tile mural, you can send us the draft or a photo of your dreamed painting and we can transform it into a tiled work of art. 

Adding Mexican tiles to the kitchen backsplash is one of the most effective solutions to create an instant statement look. The decorative Talavera tiles can be installed on every surface, even where you would not expect them like on a tabletop. Try to match our multicolored wall tiles with painted tile murals for the kitchen backsplash. A great pair would be a tile mural trimmed by narrower border tiles. It is a great way of separating areas in your kitchen, especially if it is a larges space with an open concept. Adding other ceramic accessories is also an entertaining way to complement a kitchen tile mural. If you just want to add a little bit of Mexican craft but keep your kitchen modern, use the dominant hue from the mural art to buy contemporary kitchenware in the same color.