If you love spending time at home but also want to enjoy the weather and outdoor activities, consider creating a relaxing and comfortable space where you can do everything you do inside your house. The Southwestern style courtyard offers a broad possibility for high design style, a welcoming feel, and a place to eat, drink and entertain guests. With our extensive offer in ceramic, Mexican tiles, adding a relaxing and fun feeling to your garden or patio, is a piece of cake.

6x6 mexican tile

Many times, we have a general idea of what we want to do in our courtyard or patio. Obviously, there are so many activities that can be done both inside and outside your home. You can make beautiful summerish dinners, laid-back barbecues, sports activities, and bonfires to celebrate warm nights. However, not all of us have an eye of an interior designer that knows perfectly how to divide each area to create a cohesive look. Looking at pages like Pinterest you can get a great idea of how a Southwestern style courtyard should look like. On many occasions, the professionals will recommend using colorful and stunning high relief tiles and floor Mexican tiles to help in creating a visual division between for instance a dining area and greenery or between a rustic fire spot and a more elegant and sophisticated gazebo. Our decorative, Talavera tiles, also boost the Southern style that embraces many cultures such as Mediterranean, Colonial, Mexican, and Texan. The designs that were embellished with our ceramic products include covering the courtyard walls with a mixture of solid color tiles and a narrower band of patterned tiles. Many clients take advantage of the durability of our red clay tiles and decorate the bar area (backsplash and counters) with some of ours bright and vivid Mexican tiles. If you have a water feature in your patio, consider as well to cover this site with suitable style tiles to make it a statement piece. Southern style patio needs to include at least a wall fountain or pond that is believed to bring life to any space and above all, a sense of relaxation.

If your residency is not located in rural or desert areas, you still can replicate this atmosphere. Add many natural materials such as stone, textiles, and artisan ceramic. Mexican Talavera tiles are not the only elements made of ceramic that will help you with building a perfect Southwestern style courtyard. Consider liven up your outdoors with handmade pottery, planters, or even a tabletop made of Mexican tile mosaic. Any of those alluring ideas brings you closer to your ideal Southwestern outdoor experience.