In times of increasing popularity of monochromatic interior projects, it is almost an act of heroism to add vivid, strong colors and complex patterns. For luck, there are still many homeowners and designers who love flooding their homes with unusual hues in all forms of sizes, starting with textiles, wallpapers, accent decorations, and of course, colorful, ceramic tiles. Because the home decor should reflect our personality, our clients should be able to choose in a numerous range of styles in Mexican Talavera tiles. Even if you are hesitant to add extravagant and intricate designs, our company offers the perfect solution- solid color tiles from Mexico.

Mexican color tiles include all major hues used for Talavera tiles production for many centuries. The color choice is based on the Spanish heritage of pottery craft and Mexican artistic identity that reflects the local architecture, nature, and customs. If you love Southern style, you will be able to create easily incomparable layouts by mixing solid color tiles from Mexico with stunning high relief tiles and other Mexican ceramic designs. The broad range of types of our products from Mexican wall tiles, large tile murals, and relief tiles helps our clients to create one-of-a-kind decors in bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and lobbies. Without any doubt, with unique ceramic Mexican tiles, you will be able to create a joyful, warm, and vivid atmosphere, no matter what style you choose for your interiors and outdoors. Solid color tiles in blue, yellow, terracotta, green, and many others can be introduced in both traditional as well as modern homes. From farmhouse and rustic cottage to the stylish, contemporary beach house- our decorative Talavera tiles will bring appealing texture and just the right amount of color you need.

Among plain color tiles, our clients can choose between two styles: washed and solid tiles. To achieve a washed, distressed effect, some tiles are painted with a white background first and then washed with one of the color paints. Those handmade, Talavera tiles provide a very rustic and vintage look, just as if they were centuries old. They will fit in a vintage or rustic ambiance. On the other hand, you have plain color tiles with a shiny and smooth effect. Those tiles are made of Mexican red clay that undergoes a process of glazing during which the clay is transformed into a unique and long-lasting product. A glazed tile offers an amazing glow that catches the eye of anyone entering the tiled area. You do not need fancy patterns and designs to make a statement décor with Mexican tiles.