Rustic is one of those words that with time it acquired a much broader meaning and now can describe decors from the most traditional, off-grid cabins to transitional and modern homes that include rough, imperfect, and casual elements. Our Mexican Talavera tiles can be an essential material to create these types of interiors. Whether it is a Mexican floor tile, high relief tile, or kitchen tile mural, they all share a handmade flair, little bit irregular shapes, washed down colors. Keep reading how to achieve one-of-a-kind rustic style homes with Talavera tiles.

rustic style home with tiles

There is an increased interest in rustic style homes and apartments. People want to feel closer to nature and if you are stuck in a city, you want at least to recreate the simplicity of country life.  To boost a farmhouse style, we would recommend you use natural materials in form of unfinished wood, stone, rough metals. It will help you achieve an earthly ambiance. Our ceramic Talavera tiles are all made of local, Mexican clays that are then fired to create a strong and durable tile. Additionally, all the pigments are also free of hazardous substances. The essential idea of elaborating traditional Talavera tiles is to keep with antique techniques and elements. This is what distinguishes us from other tiles producers on the market. Once you have one oud Mexican tile design in hand, you will be able to appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship of our pottery artisans. All the process is manual. For that reason, you can find small variations in shape or color hue on each tile. The same can be applied to rustic style appliances and furniture.

Instead of buying sleek, polished wood, you can use more reclaimed, unfinished, and recycled items. The other must-be component is that incorporating rustic home decor, your decoration products, and furniture should be all handcrafted so even if you do not have a cottage in the woods, you can still transform your urban loft into a vintage paradise by adding some unique materials. To create a rustic style home with Talavera tiles, you will have a wide range of options on how to highlight the chosen style. Our decorative Mexican tiles are suitable for both outdoors as well as indoors. They can be installed on walls, floors, furniture, stair risers, and many more. They are great for DIY projects as well, especially if you have some spare broken tile. Pinterest is full of creative ideas on how to make unique ceramic tiles mosaics over a dining table or some pieces of furniture for instance.