If you are looking for a way of enhancing the traditional character of your home, old-world style Mexican tiles got your back. Numerous designs of those colorful Talavera tiles can also be used in modern and eclectic decors, especially if the house has Spanish Colonial or Mediterranean architecture. With thousands of patterns and types of tiles creating unique and lovely ambiences are a fun and gratifying work, suitable for professionals and DIY fans.

How can our decorative ceramic tiles help the homeowners to highlight an antique look? They are made to go with vintage flair furnishing. In general, most of the designs, whether we talk about the floor and wall Talavera tiles or high relief tiles display traditional patterns that consist of pointed stars, intricate knots, floral patterns, and medallions. Their look is an intricate mixture of many cultures that would learn pottery craft from each other like Spanish from Arabs and then Mexican from Spanish monks around the XVI century. Mexican artisans added also their artistic vision to this cultural melting pot and so many of our stunning patterns demonstrate Aztec or Mayan motives that bring ethnic flair to your walls, counters and floors. Complex and multicolored designs of our Mexican border tiles or wonderfully decorative tile murals display some of the most emblematic Mexican landscapes including nature, villages, people and animals. All this broad range of diverse designs provide a unique opportunity to interior designers and home- and business owners to fill their spaces with old world style Mexican tiles.

Not only are the motives hand-painted on our ceramic, Talavera tiles are antique looking, also we wanted to preserve the traditional technique that goes back to Medieval Spain. The result of producing each tile from local red clay is an earthly looking product with small variations that comes from manual work. You can actually feel the artisan work, just like when you compare mass-produced clothes with those that are sewed by the hand of the skilful tailor. The vast majority of Mexican tile designs are created over a white background. It is not crystal white but an off-white with a distressed flair which highlights the vintage look of our products. What is more, we respect the traditional Talavera ceramics craft and by this day we use a classic color palette that consists of a few colors such as blue, white, yellow, green, blue and sporadically we add some modern variation to offer a bigger range of products. After all, any industry must adapt to modern times.