In the past, a nicely shaded veranda or porch was the heart of every home’s social life. The air-conditioning was not existing yet so a semi-open space with a roof that protects a family from the hottest hours was a very needed relief. For that reason, the architecture in the regions where the climate is very sunny would always include a courtyard or a porch. If you are looking for unique ideas, look for Southern or Mediterranean-style houses as those usually depict stunning and relaxing verandas where to enjoy a cold glass of lemonade (or tequila). Mediterranean porch with Mexican tiles is what will probably pop up the most in your Pinterest search. Let’s have a look at some of the most functional and beautiful ideas on how to decorate your exteriors with Mexican Talavera tiles.

The porch was considered the social spot in which people would chat with their neighbors or just chill out outside during the hot summer days while watching over their kids as they play in the front yard. Today it is living its comeback as not everyone enjoys the constant cold air from aircon. Also, being outside gives you the opportunity to barbecue as much as you want, put on some louder music, dance, and do any other fun things to do with friends and family. You will want this popular spot to be well protected from both exterior factors like wind and rain as well as a human activity. Mexican ceramic tiles offer the best protection for your walls, floors, and even pieces of furniture. You can decorate your dining table or coffee table with solid tiles or with a jazzy mosaic made of broken tiles. The incredible variety of our products in categories such as high relief tiles, Mexican design tile, and large tile murals, provides unique solutions for your porch, garden, or veranda remodeling. You have so many options of mixing and combining different styles and patterns of our handmade Talavera tiles that decorating your Mediterranean porch with Mexican tiles will be pure joy and pleasure.

To name just a few decorative ideas that include using decorative Talavera tiles is to use classic, terracotta tiles for your floors but with a creative twist- you can insert colorful tiles in between the terracotta ones, creating an interesting visual effect. High relief tiles give, on the other hand, a great opportunity of introducing a harmonious transition from interior to your exterior. Just think how wonderful your stair risers would look if decorated with our amazing tiles with fancy relief patterns. If you are considering installing a barbecue area or a pizza oven, again, our sturdy but beautiful Talavera tiles will make the best material to cover the cooking area. They will protect all surfaces from inevitable stains. Also, because it is so easy to clean a ceramic tile, they are perfect for areas where all the cooking and dining is done.