Many times, the success of an interior design project does not depend on the individual elements, but it is about the suitable and tasteful combination of all the ideas a homeowner can have. The same happens while doing a tiling project. You can have wonderful Mexican Talavera tiles but by using too many patterns and colors you are risking overwhelming the room with too much “visual noise”. A true professional will know how to help you to balance all the beautiful materials you have in mind. One of the most popular ideas to create harmonious and balanced tiling projects is combining terracotta tiles with Talavera tiles.

Perhaps it is important to highlight the fact that all our Mexican Talavera tiles are sold in two standard sizes which are 4×4 and 6×6 inches. The bigger size tiles are ideal for covering more “ambitious” areas such as kitchen counters or accent walls in your bathroom and entry hall. The 6×6 Talavera tiles will suit projects that consist of decorating smaller areas that need some texture and color. This is a type of Mexican tile that will go great with large, terracotta tiles. You are probably wondering what the perfect circumstances for would be combining terracotta tiles with Talavera tiles. Red clay, terracotta tiles are characteristic for houses built in warm climates or, more generally speaking, for Southern-style interiors. Those Mexican-crafted tiles can be found mostly embellishing floors in the outdoors or quite rustic kitchens and dining rooms. Yet, an orange and reddish hue of this tile might be a little bit unexciting for those who are seeking Southern, cheerful style. For that reason, many interior designers decide to combine terracotta pavement with varicolored, vivid Talavera tile inserts. It works especially well for floors because you will be using smaller Talavera tiles and for that reason, there is less risk of them breaking.

Another alluring way of using those two types of ceramic tile is tiling the floor with terracotta tiles and using high relief tiles of Mexican trim tiles to decorate the edges. The 6×6 Talavera tiles can also be a stunning addition to the stair risers whereas the larger terracotta tiles can cover the horizontal part of the step. Since our beautiful Talavera tiles are glazed they are water-resistant. Therefore, they can be installed in your garden, patio en main entrance to add a unique and very welcoming flair.