As the first glimpse inside your home, your lobby’s interior design can attract or discourage your guests from further getting to know your home. With the right design, you can emulate a welcoming and cozy atmosphere that will make your visitors feel invited or at least intrigued by the one-of-a-kind solutions. Installing colorful, jazzy Mexican Talavera tiles in the entryway not only can set a cheerful and stylish tone. They are also a suitable material for a room where everyone will walk directly from outside with sometimes wet or dirty shoes. Sturdy and waterproof, ceramic Talavera tiles will, without a doubt, withstand heavy foot traffic. Our company offers a broad array of Talavera tile designs and textures that will help you to create a warm and alluring presence for your guests. Let your foyer be the ambassador of your home and yourself.

What is normally expected from a front entryway is to be functional in a way that helps all the family to organize quickly on the way out in the morning. You need a clean and tidy space with practical storage units for coats and shoes. Sometimes we tend to forget that as, normally, the smallest room in the house is also the easiest to renovate and create lovely décor. Installing Mexican ceramic tiles is one of the easiest renovation projects that even busy homeowners could do in their spare time. That is perhaps the biggest advantage to working with our Mexican floor and wall tiles. You can make a great first impression with varicolored, jazzy Talavera wall tiles combined with warm floor terracotta tiles. The Mexican terracotta tiles are favorite options in Hacienda style homes that value natural, sustainable materials in neutral tones that work well with most of the hues. Also, being handmade, no two tiles are exactly alike, adding to their rustic charm. When choosing the Talavera tile pattern, think well about which color scheme will fit into your current décor. Remember that the color you select in your entryway can impact the initial look and feel of your home. A strategic pop of color or an original pattern adds a fashionable mood that will make a great impression on guests walking through the front door.

The devil is in the details. With Mexican Talavera tiles in the entryway, you can create a visual frame of selected ideas and add a feeling of compilation to your renovation project. There are several Mexican trim tile types to choose from to create a harmonious transition from one surface to another (like wooden floor and tiled wall for instance). Talavera border tiles, on the other hand, can help to cover smaller spaces in your entryway. Another idea that comes from the Colonial heritage of Mexico is to create an arch, a tiled frame around your front doors. It is a singular application for our Mexican tiles and for sure, it will bring a joyful feel to your home.