If you are a busy constructor and interior designer this post may interest you more than usual. Imagine you get a significant assignment that includes adding ceramic tiles in many areas of the renovated estate. With a selected Mexican tile mix that is sold in lots, as a professional, you gain more than just saving on your account. Because we select each lot of Mexican Talavera tiles in a sort of collection of themes and colors, you will also save the time that you would otherwise spend on picking every piece of ceramic tile. Bring Southern warm and cheerful spirit to any part of the world with our Mexican folk tile mix that includes the most endemic, Mexican designs.

mexican talavera tiles

Nowadays, interior designs have an incredible impact on the success of any real estate project. Whether you want to revamp your house or apartment and increase its value, or it is your business venue you want to impress your clients with, beautifully handmade and designed Mexican Talavera tiles will help you achieve your goal. If you are not a professional but want to add some tiling space as a DIY project, we can assure you that it is one of the easiest materials to work with. They can be installed on almost any surface inside and outside your home. In fact, many homeowners choose our Mexican folk tile mix to add an alluring visual statement to their patios or gardens. This Mexican theme collection includes many endemic elements from Mexican nature and landscapes. Therefore, these decorative, ceramic tiles go on well in the outdoor, contrasted against flowers, trees, and bushes. We have no doubt that if you wish to match our Mexican tiles sold in bulk with some more rare pieces of Mexican tiles, you will be able to find your perfect artistic idea on our web page. The vast collection of all ceramic-made includes a broad range of products from classic Talavera, white-blue tiles that suit kitchen and bathroom counters or walls, colorful and exotic Mediterranean-inspired designs as well as North African Arabesque. You can also find all types of trim tiles that will help you get the finishing touch in your tiling project.

Don’t forget that it is not only about a tile, but our company also offers as well incredible hand-painted ceramic sinks and toilets. Enjoy the amazing deal you can get by purchasing the Mexican tile mix in different decorative themes and then focus your attention on choosing some of our stunning treasures, especially among bidimensional Mexican high relief tiles whose execution is just fantastic. The high-relief tiles can embellish backsplashes, counters, stair risers, and many other areas that need a show-stopper effect.