Mexican architecture and design have made their mark around the globe and in so many styles that it would be difficult to name them all. The décor might be boosting with Southern flair from top to bottom or it might include some subtle elements that remind of Mexican art and craft. When it comes to bathroom remodelling, Mexican Talavera tiles have gained a lot of popularity owing to their unique charm, infinitive pattern options, incredible color palettes and of course, price. Combining old-world elegance and artisan execution, bathroom designs with Mexican tiles can enliven the most ordinary spaces.

The modern interior design acknowledges that fone are the days when the bathroom was this all-white, dull room with a sink, bathtub and shower. What did not change is the fact that it is the room where inevitably we will need tiles to cover most of the walls, floors and more. With our extended collection of handcrafted Mexican tiles, you will be able to fill your empty bathroom with the most stunning designs. Think about the general atmosphere you want to create. Does your bathroom has a lot of natural light or perhaps it needs lighter colors to brighten up the room? Is it spacious or small? You should take into account all these factors before diving into the world of Mexican Talavera tiles. In a larger master bath, the homeowner has perhaps more freedom as far as the pattern and color combinations. Whereas, in a smaller powder or guest bathroom, you should think thoroughly about all your decorative decisions. It does not mean you can not create a unique décor. There are plenty of bathroom designs with Mexican tiles for petit bathrooms and they look spectacular. Just remember to keep it balanced and simple. Use our Mexican high relief tiles for colorful accents and you can even go wild by installing a substantial tile mural on the shower wall. There are also other ways to add a Mexican feel such as hanging a mirror with ceramic, Talavera frame or creating a one-of-a-kind vanity made of a Mexican ceramic sink and vintage, wooden furniture.

Where you can play with the most extravagant designs are obviously large bathrooms that need visual separation of different areas. Mexican, decorative tiles are great for highlighting bold statements. Additionally, you can also find solid color tiles that can fill vast areas which does not need too much attention such as floors or walls. If your home has a rustic vibe, consider our terracotta tiles that will bring a lot of warmth to your bathroom. If you think this design is too basic, you can always add some colorful inserts in between the terracotta tiles. With Morrocan and Spanish designs, you can create a luxury bathroom experience that will make you feel like in a most relaxing spa. The popularity of our ceramic tiles comes from their versatility. There is a design to suit every taste.