To achieve a detailed style and warmth in your home, you can use many tactics such as adding light, colorful and bright colors and cozy materials. However, perhaps the easiest way is by introducing hand-painted Mexican tiles that are suitable for any room from elegant living rooms to functional kitchens and stylish bathrooms. The latest trend is the use of patchwork Talavera tiles in design bathroom. If you wish for something more unusual and alluring than a monochromatic, while the bathroom, consider our ceramic products with intricate patterns and incredible hues that range from the wall and floor Talavera tiles, kitchen mural tiles to Mexican border tiles and unique high relief tiles.

Patchwork Talavera tiles in the design bathroom are taking the home decor by storm! They offer an easy, eclectic update to any bathroom when used as an accent or main element of the layout. This eclectic style can be used equally well in kitchens, gardens, patios, and living rooms. The only limit is the owner’s enthusiasm for innovation and introducing vivid colors. Of course, not everyone is a fan. However, you can find very complex but timeless patchwork designs among our monochrome line of white and blue Talavera tiles. You can still enjoy this exotic look, without feeling overwhelmed with colors. These kinds of ceramic tiles will look especially well on the floor of an entry hall or a fresh, Mediterranean dining room. On the other hand, for the clients who do love spicing up their décor with jazzy and bright designs, you have thousands of mosaic-alike patterns to choose from. Most of our patchwork Talavera tiles are inspired by the centuries-old tradition of Moroccan architecture that was appropriated in Spain under the rules of the Moorish dynasty. Later this technique was adopted by Mexican artisans who were taught by Spanish monks during the conquest times. As you can see, modern mosaic Talavera tiles are a product of unique culture merging, and perhaps it is the reason why our clients find them so special.

How you use the patchwork, Mexican tiles is up to everyone’s taste. There are no rigid principles as to how to introduce Talavera ceramic into interior décor. Just have a look at the organized “chaos” of Mexican households. Their use of textures and colors is out of this world and the color schemes are sometimes remarkably surprising and still look outstanding. The only rule is to be creative and enjoy the process. You can let the tiles dominate a room, or create a vivid focal point, the patchwork tile look is bound to create a mesmerizing effect in your home. Imagine a wall accent with some Mexican, border tiles around it. Or a kitchen backsplash decorates with Mexican murals with some ceramic accessories as kitchenware including Talavera plates or vases.