Who does not like a powerful and surprising transformation in home décor? I think most of us love watching successful before and after photos to find inspiration for our future endeavors. One of the most interesting changes can be encountered in kitchens and bathrooms. It is also, unfortunately, where the renovation might cost the most. What if we tell you that there is a way of making a quick and fresh change in your master bath without costing an arm and a leg. You can create a dramatic bathroom makeover with colorful Mexican tiles. Believe me, it will be one of the most entertaining things you will do during your renovation project.

Before and after reveals never seem to get more striking than in the case of bathrooms. Changing tiles on walls, floors or counters might create a totally new look for your interiors. With thousands of designs in our Mexican Talavera tiles, high relief tiles, and handmade, trim tiles you will be able to convey the most incredible and unique makeovers with little time and even less money. Perhaps you are preparing your home for sale or you just feel like adding some new décor. Whatever the motivation behind your decision, bathroom renovations are one of the projects homeowners put the most effort and investment into. If you are looking for a subtle change in your minimalist space, consider adding accent lines of Mexican border tiles around your bathroom vanity or perhaps a large hand-painted, Mexican mural installed on the shower wall as a standout art piece of your room. You can choose from many two-color Talavera tiles such as white and blue ones that are the most classic type of this old-centuries craft.

For those homeowners who are looking for a substantial transformation, the varicolored, bright, and intense patterns of Mexican Talavera tiles can make magic. However, before choosing your perfect tile design, think well and create color schemes that best suit your interiors. Picking out new tiles for your kitchen, bathroom or other space is going to be exciting. It’s easy to get caught up in looking at tile samples and the various colors and patterns. That is why, if you know which tones and hues your bathroom needs beforehand, you will be able to narrow down the search. Think about the style you want to achieve. Is it rustic, hacienda-inspired, ethnic, or eclectic? We have Mexican tile designs for any type of interior design option. You can even order a Talavera toilet set if you are a real fan of Southern style. This will help in a dramatic bathroom makeover with colorful, Mexican tiles.