Most of our Mexican Talavera tiles are designed to be the center of attention. From unique patterns to bright, splashy colors, our ceramic products will enliven any style interior. However, every time there is a renovation or makeover project we have to consider not only the jazzy parts but also elements that give the finishing look to the layout. With Mexican cornice tiles, you will be able to establish a smooth transition from your wall tile to your ceiling in rooms from the bath to the bedroom. These are perhaps the least known Mexican trim tiles, but still very necessary and extremely elegant.

cornice tiles

The Mexican trim tiles were invented to make the tiling surface look flawless, so there would not be any drastic breaks between different surfaces such as a tile and the painted wall. Among the trim tiles, bullnose tiles are the ones that are being used mostly. We also produce pencil tiles and v-cup tiles. All of which have their specific use according to the shape they offer. In the case of the Mexican cornice tiles, they are wider on the top and get narrower on the bottom. The homeowners can accent their homes and apartments with cornice to bring a classic and extremely lavish character to bedrooms, dining rooms, and eat-in kitchens. If you are afraid that you won’t find the right color, don’t be. We offer this product in nine stunning hues that reflect greatly Mexican art and architecture. We, of course, have the most traditional and versatile option which is white, but you can also find sunny yellow or very intense cobalt blue. Being able to offer the cornice tiles in the most popular hues used for creating the rest of the Mexican Talavera tiles allows our clients to achieve unique compositions of wall tiles (Talavera tiles or high relief tiles) with trim tiles.

Probably you have never heard of the Mexican cornice tile. Don’t worry. As we said this is the type of Mexican, ceramic product that is usually ordered by the developer or interior designer as they know all the secrets to perfectly finished home updates or construction. Many people have trim tiles without even realizing it and that only means the work is done smoothly and effortlessly. Additionally, they know how to coordinate your Mexican cornice tiles with contrasting tiles in order for your Mexican trim tiles to enhance the look and atmosphere of your space.