It is just incredible that the same decorative material was equally popular in the XVI century Spain as it is now around the world. The Talavera tiles whose most beautiful and authentic version is made now by Mexican artisans are living an overwhelming revival, being one of the most renowned products imported from Mexico. The comeback of Mexican Talavera tiles is due to their unique craftsmanship with the interesting texture of a handmade ceramic tile and extraordinary and colorful patterns. If you are looking for a décor that will add a rustic, elegant, and singular feel, our Mexican Talavera tiles range from simple terracotta tiles to most complex high relief tiles and many more.

In the 15th and 16th centuries, the Spanish town of Talavera de la Reina became internationally renowned for ceramics which is where the name of ceramic tiles came from. The city’s designs gained a lot of popularity and with time arrived in Latin America with Spanish monks that thought local craftsmen new techniques such as pottery. Therefore, the ultimate Mexican Talavera tiles are a product of the cultural encounters of Arabic, Spanish and Mexican cultures. To this day, our customers can choose between unique and ethnic patterns that sometimes look very indigenous, and other times they emulate the Arabesque culture of Moorish origins. One of the main reasons for the comeback of Mexican Talavera tiles is their diversity. You can choose simple, solid color tiles that are always a good idea if you are not looking for jazzy décor. One-color tiles from Mexico are perfect to decorate larger areas such as floors or main walls. You can also consider adding handmade, terracotta tiles that look amazing on patios, balconies, and gardens.

On the other hand, most Mexican tile designs will add an intense and cheerful pop of colors. The classic Talavera tiles were hand-painted in only white and cobalt blue but nowadays there are at least 7 traditional hues and each year new colors are added to adapt to current interior design trends. From Andalucian dots and flowers to Aztec mythological symbols, our Mexican Talavera tiles depict the best of the Spanish and Mexican worlds. You can find a recurring pattern in many of our high relief tiles which is a mosaic and geometrical design, ideal for modern and eclectic style bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Lastly, check our collection of decorative tile murals that look like an authentic painting, just made of Mexican red clay. Those murals are very popular for embellishing kitchen backsplashes or shower walls.