Create a surprising and unique décor in your powder room or master bath with our ceramic Talavera products made by local pottery artists in the Guanajuato area of Mexico. There is nothing more precious than owning true pieces of local craft that additionally match to perfection with your existing bathroom’s interior design. With thousands of designs in Talavera Mexican tiles, kitchen tile murals, and of course bathroom tile sinks from Mexico, you will be able to create a stunning and one-of-a-kind atmosphere in any size space. With the service of full customization of our products in terms of size, shape, and even pattern the homeowner’s only limitation is their budgets and imagination. How much Southern feel do you want to add to your bathroom it is totally up to your taste.

Ordering a hand-painted Mexican sink is one click of your mouse but for our artisans, it means weeks of preparations and that is why the process is slower than if you buy it in your local store. But how do we produce our ceramic, handmade products? The sink is hand-painted and then fire in the traditional oven. Because of the high temperature of the oven used by the producer a hand-painted bathroom sinks from Mexico’s paint melts creating a glaze layer protecting the painting. Due to this procedure, our client receives the highest quality and most durable bathroom tile sinks from Mexico. Whether you order an oval, round, or Mexican vessel sink, your brand new washbasin will perform for decades. As an object that is used daily, you want to choose wisely and from a trustworthy source, like us. We are a Mexican-based company that takes great pride in offering the best solutions in ceramic production. We continue adding new designs to keep up with the latest trends in interior design but we do not forget the tradition. Many of our bathroom tile sinks depict indigenous patterns and traditional Mediterranean designs with flowers, dots, and geometrical mosaics known from Spanish and Moorish cultures.

The powder room or a large master bathroom can get spiced up with our Mexican Talavera sinks created in any shape and size. Until now the most popular products from Mexico were oval sinks for undermount drop-in counter installation. The latest trend however in Southern-style remodeling is the round and rectangular vessel model. If what you seek is changing slightly the decoration, handmade decorative sinks are an option for you. Just select white colors for walls and floor to make the room look spacious and choose plumbing furnishing with Mediterranean or Southern appeal. On the contrary, if you wish to fill your home with Mexican spirit, you can combine Talavera wall tiles with our Mexican ceramic sinks and other accessories such as pots, wall art plates, and scones or toilet sets.