You can find many models of Mexican Talavera toilets in our handcrafted tile outlet that can be purchased as a part of a stunning bathroom set consisting of hand painted sink, Mexican toilet seat and ceramic tile accessories or, on the other hand, buy it as a separate piece of ceramic art. The history of this artistic craft bridges cultures and continents. Being recognized as one of the most popular forms of decorating haciendas, churches or fountains in Mexico, the origin of those beautiful handcraft Mexican toilets leads to Spain. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the town of Talavera de la Reina became so internationally acclaimed for its decorative ceramics that is was called the City of the Ceramics. Its unique style came out of a mix of Arabic and old European styling and once it was introduced to Mexico it got its final look, embracing both Spanish and indigenous ceramic art.

painted mexican toilets

Our company specializes in Talavera production ranging from hand-painted tiles, incredibly original table tops to all sorts of bathroom decorations, including blue and white toilets. Have fun choosing among a huge variety of bathroom sets to find your perfect painted toilets that will brighten any washroom. Apart of Mexican toilets, our sets include wooden seat to add this extra rustic vibe and many wall mount accessories such as towel hook, towel holder and toilet paper holder that are produced manually with the same pattern as handmade decorated toilets. All that will convert your bathroom in a unique, fun and bright space to be. If you are a fan of Spanish hacienda style and you are remodeling your home, not only you can create your perfect kitchen or dining room but your washroom as well. Your brand new WC bowl and water tank will be the authentic and unique object of cheerfulness and humor that is embedded to this Southern culture.

Mexican toilet

Our talavera toilets, as a distinct element. It will add a sublime combination of vivid colors to your bathroom. If you are a little bit afraid to overwhelm the space with so many Mexican accents, just choose one of those bigger items such a toilet or washbasin and keep it simple. The rest of decoration can be maintained with in main color pattern including bath tiles and wooden furniture.

As the leading manufacturer of hacienda ceramics in central Mexico, we guarantee you the highest quality of our colonial home improvement products that embrace the tradition. Everywhere you go in the country you are surrounded by beautiful ceramics, whether you are in public space or inside of old established haciendas. That is why you can be sure, our Mexican toilets are authentic hand-made Southern ceramics. Our price is incomparable to those in the United States and the rest of the world.