Mexican Tiles

Handmade Mexican Tiles, painted Talavera Murals for kitchen backsplash and counter, bathroom shower wall and decorative relief ceramic tiles for stair risers.



Mexican Tile for Sale

When you travel across Mexico it seems that everything is art and the simplest and everyday things inform of kitchen accessories or decorative items embraces the free and effortless spirit of this nation. Anybody can get inspired by Kahlo's paintings... Continue Reading →

Talavera Tiles in Bathroom

Bring some joy to your daily baths with beautifully hand painted Talavera tiles for a bathroom from Mexico. The Southern vibe will inject a bright and fresh look into your interiors and will make you feel relaxed just as if... Continue Reading →

Mexican Ceramic Tiles

Mexican ceramic tiles are handmade and painted with over three hundred designs. They can be decorated in folk art, Spanish, colonial hacienda and Arabic style. Even though most of ceramic tiles from Mexico are produced as 4x4 inches, you can... Continue Reading →

Installing Mexican Tiles on a Veranda

Anyone who has ever been to Mexico is dreaming about going back to those tropical nights with the most beautiful sunsets and spending hours on the veranda in an atmosphere full of laughter and good times. Even though you cannot... Continue Reading →

Can I install Mexican Tiles on Foyer Stairs?

Introduce an attractive and creative design accent for your stair risers with our hand-crafted Mexican tiles. The lobby stairs are often the first thing we see while entering a household of substantial dimensions. If you want to convey a welcoming... Continue Reading →

Mexican Tiles on a Kitchen Counter

The hand painted Mexican tile can turn your kitchen counter from boring to beautiful. Nowadays, homeowners view tile as an affordable alternative to expensive counter materials such as quartz, marble, and granite. It is a cheaper but no less effective... Continue Reading →

Mexican Talavera Tile for a Kitchen Wall

Kitchen is all about functionality but the secret is in the details. This is where you establish its style and with a little hit of Mexican Talavera tile wall, your kitchen can change drastically, gaining Southern charm and fun. It... Continue Reading →

Mexican Tile Tabletops

Imagine a patio dining table as an art display space. Yes, it has to be functional but would it be great to inject an artistic twist with a mosaic pop of colors to your dinner? When we think of decorative... Continue Reading →

Southwest Style Ceramic Tiles from Mexico

Those who travel to Texas, Arizona, Florida or California usually get bewitched by the beauty of handmade tiles. They are a great pride and tradition of Mexico craftsmen. The handcrafted Southwest ceramic tiles from Mexico embrace all of the characteristics... Continue Reading →

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